Monday, June 13, 2011

Wii Would Like to Play :D

So the boyfriend left for Chicago on Saturday and returned Sunday.


(if you couldn't already guess from the title)

A Wii!

Yeah, yeah, they're coming out with the Wii U in 2012.

But I've been wanting a Wii and Wii Fit for God-knows-how-long. So I'm not complaining.

Plus, uh, hello, we have a Wii now! Not complaining at all.

After getting the Wii, taking it out of its precious box, unwrapping it, setting it up, stroking it lovingly - all the usual things - we made a trek to my grandma's house to make her an offer she couldn't refuse.

She refused.

But all was not lost!

The offer was that we would buy her 2 Wii games and 2 Nintendo DS games that my little brother could play and people would actually use, and in return she would give us her Wii Fit Plus + Balance Board, etc.

I felt that it was a very good offer. Wii games are goddamned expensive as it is, and so are DS games. Plus, I'm the only person in the family that uses Wii Fit. My grandma has seriously gotten on it twice.

Once when she first bought it and was setting it up.

And once when I forced her to use it. And I mean forced.

Getting that woman to do any sort of physical activity is like pulling teeth.

It's really quite depressing.
I feel bad. I continually buy her books like, "Exercise After 40! You can do it!" and diet books.

Now that she has Facebook, I send her links to special deals - like when Amazon started their summer discounts on e-books.

I sent out this beautifully written message giving her links to the Kindle free reading app for her computer and a link to "The Spark" - the SparkPeople book - and told her that she should get it, it's only $1.99, the SparkPeople program really works, you love diet books, etc. etc. etc.

I'm sure she instead just continued sitting at her computer playing Big Fish games. I swear, it's all that woman does.

Oh, hello there, life-ruiner. I didn't see you there.
Please, continue sucking my dear, old grandmother into your vortex of evil.
So as I lawyer-like make my awesome case for why I should get her Wii Fit, she just looks at me.

With this terrifying blank stare.

I'm returned with a resounding, immediate NO.

Her reasoning:

1. But everyone in the family uses it!

No, Grandma, I'm the only one that uses it. You know this. When is the last time anyone has logged onto Wii Fit?

2. But I need it to lose weight!

Well you have to actually use it if you want to lose weight.

And then the truth,

3. Well, if I give it to you then I'm admitting that I bought a very expensive work out device and have only used it twice. And I really should use it. And I don't want to admit that I'm that lazy that I've only used my Wii Fit twice.

Ahhh, refreshing truth. Spoken like a true member of my family. Always in denial. Always afraid to give things up because our belongings hold so much more meaning than what meets the eye.

It reminded me so much of when I had to get rid of all my clothes that no longer fit. Like, the exact same thought process. Almost spooky.

But I promised good news!

So no more sad, depressing times.

She then offered that she instead just buy me Wii Fit for my birthday - ahem it's June 30th if any of you were wondering ;) haha.

So, let me get you straight. I don't have to buy you Wii games or DS games? I won't get your used Wii Fit? You're just going to buy me one for my birthday? Uhhh, YEAH. That sounds great, Grandma.

I really don't think she realizes when she's made a bad deal....

So today, with the new Wii bought and set up, we adventured our way to the nearest GameStop and bought Wii Sports, Legend of Zelda, some $3 Spyro game for Gamecube and Mario Party 6 for Gamecube (hey, I'm cheap, and the Wii is backwards compatible....). I'm also the proud new owner of some fancy back-lit hot pink see-through Wii-mote and a second Mario Kart wheel controller holder.

The boyfriend has been spending all day playing some downloaded game. There's a princess? In a castle? You have to protect her by building levels that bad guys have to go through?

Sounds like Mario?

It's not.

I'm not sure what it is. But the graphics are quite pleasant and he's been a quiet, happy camper, so I'm fine with it.

After this, I've got a paper to write, the last of my homework for my online class to do, and then I'll probably spend the night drooling over Lego Harry Potter, which the boyfriend also brought home with him from Chicago. He knows me all too well. ;)

Goodbye, dear Blogger. It is my Summer session's final's week, so until Thursday, I'll probably be a busy bee taking test after test after test.

I should be able to update the progress page tomorrow with the results of Week Eight and make a short post! I can't believe it's been so long!

Also, big shout out and thanks to all of the commenters! It's always nice to see new faces commenting!

A bientôt, lovelies.



  1. YAY a Wii! :D
    My best friend/university roommate has one and we play Wii Sports all the time.
    And I suck at it, haha!
    I <3 Wii!
    I laughed out loud when I read about the "deal" your grandma made with you.
    Old people make me smile. :)
    Best of luck on your finals; you will do wonderfully!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful. <3

  2. wii fit!!!! fun , ik wat u mean aout not getting rid of clothes that don't fit i cant part w/ mine either

  3. Wow! Yeah! Wow! Yeah!
    I have insomnia lately, because I'm too happy for you.

  4. Hi!

    Thanks so much for the awesome comment and the pep talk, I really needed it.

    I'm so glad you got your gaming freak on! As for Grammy, make her senility work for you! Kidding! She sounds like quite a character!

    Best of luck for all your upcoming tests. <3. XXX.

  5. I just got a Wii a couple months ago myself because I finally had some extra $ & they were starting to go down in price (because of the new system that will be coming out as you mentioned). I would so love to have a Wii Fit, if I ever get some more $ for it (it's actually on sale at a decent price at Target or somewhere this week but I can't really afford to spend any $ right now). I only have a few games, I have Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort which came with it. Then I bought some game called FlingSmash (I think), because it was on sale for $25 & came with a free wii remote (since the system came with 1 only) & We Cheer (which could be decent exercise actually since it's kind of like a dance game).

    Anyways, hope you are enjoying your Wii & good luck with your tests! :)

  6. That's so freaking awesome!! I get to get my very first Wii this Friday! I'm so excited because I've also wanted the Fit & Zelda: Twilight Princess for ages! I know, I'm 22 and all, but I don't think I'm too old to play video games! By the time I can actually afford a video game system, they've already come out with a new one. When I got my first PS2 last year, the PS3 was already considered old :/. I wish I would have kept my 2 gamecube games though...I forgot the Wii could play them! Ooh...and Harry Potter?! Heck yeah! I hope you really enjoy your new Wii!