Friday, June 24, 2011

SGD Days 1 and 2

In order to combat the binge to end all binges, I've started the Skinny Girl Diet.

I'm normally not a fan of calorie-restrictive fad diets because they never work for me because I find it impossible to stick with them.

Luckily, that doesn't seem to be the case with SGD.

Instead of feeling hungry and pissed that I can't eat more, I just go into the kitchen and find some fresh fruit or veggies to nibble on.

I'm turning into a little rabbit.

Obligatory cute bunny picture.
I normally don't eat a lot of fruits and vegetables - for shame!

But on SGD, I feel like all I'm eating is fruits and vegetables. 

I spend my allotted calories for the day on whole grains and protein and eat fruits and vegetables to keep me full.

This approach is probably much healthier than my "don't go over 800 calories" mindset, which oftentimes leaves me eating 800 calories of crap every day and squeezing all 800 calories into one meal of horrible.

I'd much rather ration out a certain number of calories for foods that I shouldn't overdue it on - carbs, proteins, fats, etc. and allow myself to eat as much as I want of healthy, almost-free foods.

And eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner can't hurt either. ;)

Plus, eating more fruits and vegetables should help boost my fiber count, which is good because I'm trying to avoid the Dulcolax beast as much as possible. Bad, bad, awful, terrible, horrible, no-good, BAD stomach cramps and general intestinal death when I took it after the 2-day binge-fest.

SGD Day One - 400 calories

Sturm's Village Farm Whole Grain Oatmeal, Cranberry - 120 calories, 6 grams fiber, 4 grams protein
Nectarine - 60 calories, 2 grams fiber, 1 gram protein - FREE

Green Giant Steamers Farmer's Blend, 2 servings - 80 calories, 4 grams fiber, 2 grams protein - Kind of free? I have a stockpile of frozen, steamable vegetables in my freezer that I'm trying to eat through on SGD, but I'm not sure how to count the calories because most of them have light sauces. I figure 1/4 to 1/2 of the calories are from the sauces, depending on the type. So I counted about 40 of these calories for my daily total.
Clementine - 35 calories, 1 gram fiber, 1 gram protein - FREE

McDonald's Regular Hamburger, no mustard or pickles - 250 calories, 2 grams fiber, 12 grams protein - Okay, totally misbehaved when the boyfriend went through the McDonald's drive-thru and ordered myself something. 
I'm just going to pretend I'm not on a diet and fucking EAT THIS BURGER.
I need to stop stop stop with all of the fast food eating. Convenience food is so nice, though, when you're in the process of moving and don't have a proper kitchen. :/

Daily Totals 

Calories, not including free foods: 410 - if you only count 30 of the 80 steamed veggie calories then it's a flat 400. That's what I do to maintain my sanity and I will not have it any other way, calorie-counting nit-pickers! ;)

Fiber: 15 grams

Protein: 20 grams

SGD Day Two - 300 calories

Sturm's Village Farm Whole Grain Oatmeal, Cranberry - 120 calories, 6 grams fiber, 4 grams protein
Clementine - 35 calories, 1 gram fiber, 1 gram protein - FREE
1/4th cup frozen fruit - 18 calories, .5 gram fiber, no protein - FREE

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers, Roasted Red Potatoes and Green Beans, 2.5 servings - 200 calories, 5 grams fiber, 5 grams protein - Again, almost free. I'm counting half of the calories because it's in a Rosemary Butter sauce, which, while delicious, is not a fucking vegetable. I do not want to be that girl that thinks that condiments don't count towards calories and uses fucking full-fat ranch dressing to drown her baby carrots in and delude myself into thinking that I'm being healthy.

Oh, burn. Harsh,, harsh.

Nope, I'm pretty sure Jessica is that girl.
Yoplait Light, Thick and Creamy Lemon Meringue Yogurt, half serving - 50 calories, no fiber, 2.5 grams protein

Daily Totals

Calories, not including free foods: 270 calories

Fiber: 13 grams

Protein: 13 grams

I hit the gym yesterday and spent three godawful hours today helping my grandma clear out her spare bedroom and installing shelves in her laundry room, so I think I burned enough and stressed enough and yelled enough to make up for not going to the gym today. At least, that's what I'll tell myself.

I'm hoping to be at 118 lbs by my birthday, June 30th. Less than a week and I weighed in at 121 lbs this morning. :/ Let's see if this is doable.

A bientôt, lovelies.



  1. you CAN do it! good job on the SGD so far, I think one of the most compelling reasons why I would ever do the SGD would be to force myself to eat more fruit and veg, and hey, rabbits are cute! :)

  2. OMFG I hate those girls. I also love their expanding waistlines XD

    Cut the fast food habit by banning yourself from your current especial addiction for a month. You lose the taste for it :3

    Thank you for the compliment :) I think I peaked young though, lol!

    Hope you have a great weekend <3

  3. GL on the SGD, I am thinking maybe ill do a modifast version of it.. But not sure yet. You are doing great so far :)

  4. Hmm that diet sounds good, If I wasn't on myown insane diet I'd totally go on it! I hope it work out for you!

    -Kim xx

  5. I wish you the best of luck with the SGD! I like that diet because it's not so restrictive. I can't stick with fad diets for long either- it's like impossible for me to stick with them. Sometimes I feel like housework and such is a better workout than hitting the gym- so yeah, I bet you definitely burned enough calories! Hope you have an awesome weekend ♥

  6. Ooh, the SGD.
    I wish you the best of luck with it.
    I cannot eat under 1,000 calories a day or I binge like all broke loose, haha!
    I hope you have had a fantastic day; you deserve it!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3