Saturday, June 18, 2011

Away Again

Sorry if this is short, but I'm away again this weekend to visit my other aunt and uncle in St. Louis before the big move.

We had homemade margherita pizza last night.

Today I finally used the first out of my growing collection of Groupons. Finally, haha.

It was for a manicure and Minx nail application. The manicurist was extremely nice and helpful and told us about neat things to do nearby. The nails weren't half bad either, ba-dunk-chink!

In all actuality, I'm not sure if I like them or not. The Minx application is definitely different and interesting, but at the same time I think they look slightly trashy. What do you ladies think? To Minx, or not to Minx?

Tonight we're going to see Much Ado About Nothing at Shakespeare in the Park.

On tomorrow's agenda: adventuring around the City Museum followed by the St. Louis Zoo.

I'll update with pictures of adventures and catch up on your blogs on Monday!

A bientôt, lovelies.



  1. I like them! From photos of you that you've posted, I think they would look kind of funky and retro on you, rather than trashy.

  2. Nails look great... and enjoy the shakespeare! So much awesome.

  3. I like the Minx you got but I can understand how they could end up trashy looking. And I love zoos. I went to the St. Louis zoo when I was like 5. I would like to go back but that's a long drive. Have fun!

  4. Oh you saucy Minx, you! Those nails look awesome! It's nice to do something fun now and again, especially if it's out of character. It's why I wear make up! I'm such an 'oke' (guy)!

    Hope you have fun at S.I.T.P., the zoo and the museum! <3. XXX.

  5. I see a fringed bag denim shorts and a colorful seventies blouse with the nails. Oh, and flip flops.
    Ok vain comment :-)

    Watch out for the binge holiday monster, it is devious and sneaky!


  6. I like your nails! They're fun and interesting =) Hope you have fun on your adventures! ♥

  7. I think they look really great. I'm not a fan of really long nails, but yours are perfect! Definitely something even I'd consider doing!

  8. I like those nails, not trashy because they're not extremely long! They're funky <3

  9. I like the nails :)

    but I like trashy nails alot of the time and have no sense of style, so don't take my advice