About the Author

I'm a 20 year-old college student, blogger, girlfriend of a med student, daughter, and weight-obsessed crazy person.

I am a lover of fashion, cats, writing, cats, working out (when I'm in the habit of hitting the gym), cats, reading good books, conversations with interesting people, cats, sunshine and the great outdoors, big cities with bright lights, cats, playing vidya games until I resemble a sloth in a coma, spending money on frivolous things, cats, being pretentious, cooking & cookbooks & everything that entails, cats, Diet Coke, spending time with the boyfriend, oh, and did I mention that I love cats?

I have a myriad of problems, disorders, phobias, and what have you. This blog focuses on my fairly constant struggle with weight loss, self-esteem issues, and my various ways of dealing with life in general. It also includes lots of cat pictures. ;)

This is just a small window into my life. Enjoy.