Thursday, June 16, 2011

20 lbs GONE :D + lots of workout talk

It's official.

My weight on the scale has crept down to 120 lbs.

When I first started dieting, exercising, etc. in April, I weighed 140 lbs.

It was the most I had ever weighed and I was so discouraged with myself for gaining that much weight.

When I started losing weight, I was really excited, but I never imagined that I would lose this much.

The first month was definitely the easiest.

I simply restricted and switched to diet soda and stopped eating fast food and at restaurants.

I lost a ton of weight and it was easy peasy.

Then I started plateauing. I was stuck at 123 for the longest time - I didn't think I'd ever lose more weight. I felt like I had reached the end of the line.

Fortunately, that wasn't the case.

Once I started exercising regularly - which even allowed me to eat more, gasp - the weight just started melting off.

My current regimen has been:
  • 30 minutes on the treadmill, averaging around 2.5 miles in that time.
  • 30 minutes on the stationary bike, averaging around 150 calories burned in that time.
  • 2 sets of chest presses.
  • 2 sets of overhead presses. 
  • Sometimes I'll also do the tricep extension machine.

This regimen usually leaves me looking like this when I leave the gym:

I'm an absolute sweat-beast when I do cardio.
Gross, yet at least I know I'm actually working hard.
Also, love that censorship of my University logo. Incognito, yo.
I don't really do any leg machines because my legs get enough of a workout from the running and biking.

I should do ab exercises. Especially because my main problem area is my stomach. I ordinarily don't do any ab work, but yesterday I decided that I would start doing the 100 crunches challenge and try to do at least 100 crunches a day. I figure it can't hurt, haha.

Yesterday I also decided to push myself further at the gym and do 40 minutes on the treadmill - reaching 3 miles and burning 220 calories, and 40 minutes on the stationary bike - reaching 6.75 miles and burning 200 calories.

All would have been well had I not sprained/strained/generally killed my ankle in the process.

I walk with my weight on the insides of my feet, rather than spreading the weight equally. This turns my feet in and turns my ankles inwards. I know this because when I was taking ballet classes as a child I frequently got yelled at for poor foot position and posture and had to keep my feet in the correct position for the duration of class or risk criticism.

This would have been me. Secretly glaring at the ballet teacher while forcing myself to stand properly.
I only took ballet for a year, so my normal foot-holding came back into place almost immediately.

I'm normally fine, but I think I rolled my ankle or something funny while I was on the treadmill yesterday. Seeing as it still hurts to turn my foot sideways today, I'm skipping the gym workout and will probably just do weights at home. When I return to the gym, I'm planning on switching out the treadmill for the elliptical so that I'm not having to lift my feet and risk injuring my ankle again.

Le sighhhh.

I've never had to deal with "sports injuries" before. I've also never really exercised before now, haha.

Anyways, I've got a backlog of recipes to post - so tomorrow, GET READY. There'll be another recipe of the week - this time, authentic Russian. Well, authentic Russian with a diet twist, of course. ;)

A bientôt, lovelies.



  1. I have that same problem....due to low arches. I got some special shoe inserts from my physical therapist and they worked wonders.


  2. WOOHOO!
    120 lbs?!
    *girly squeal of delight*
    I am so proud of you! :D
    See, you CAN do this!
    Be careful working out, silly girl; you do not need sports injuries.
    I hope today continues to go well for you; you deserve it!
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3

  3. that is such an amazing regimane !! i h8 sweat lol but @ least u noe ur working hard stay beautiful hin xoxox

  4. Congrats on 120!

    First of all I just want to say thank for following me!

    After spending the last 24 hours reading your entire blog, I have become a huge follower. The way you write really brings in a person to your life and we get to see your quirky side too! I can't wait to keep reading about you and your progress!

  5. I look like an even sweatier beast after the gym, I think. It's gross. But I overheat very easily, especially in summer.

    Congrats on 120!!

    I love your hair. It's so fun. :D

    A lot of us seem to have "problem areas" like ankles or knees or feet. Just remember that if something hurts, we shouldn't force ourselves to exercise! <3


  6. The security word I had to type in was "aliens." I got pretty excited.

  7. YAY! I actually gasped with delight when I saw that scale pic. SO SWEET! I can't WAIT to see that number! I'm at 125 now, been stuck there for a while but I can FEEL this plateau coming to an end. I'm gonna write a post about my gym stuff so's not to hijack your post.

    OH I'm so proud of you

  8. Gz on 120 :) 20 lbs since April is amazing :)

  9. FANTASTIC!!! Good job on the loss, Babe! Wow, even sweaty, you're a total fox!

    The girl in the ballet class is me, too, only I had light brown hair and a light blue uniform! I hated my teacher, she kept telling me I was useless and hopeless! It was true, I sucked sideways at ballet!

    I hope your ankle is feeling better! Have a great weekend! <3. XXX.

  10. That's amazing you've lost 20 lbs so far! 20 lbs in a little over 2 months is freaking awesome. I wish I could say 140 was the most I've ever weighed! I've lost about 20 lbs since I started losing weight back in 2008, but I've stayed in the 140s ever since and I CANNOT wait until I'm your weight- amazing job hun! I sweat like a beast when doing cardio too- it's really embarrassing when you can see the outlines of my sports bra on the back of my t-shirt from sweat :/. You look really pretty even when you're soaked with sweat! (I can't say the same for myself) However, if I don't sweat, then I don't feel like I've worked out properly.

  11. The animal crackers in the bay next to the coffee now remind me of you :3 So do the eskimo lollies! Whenever I'm making lollie cake I always cut them into thirds. Head, torso, legs. 'Tis much fun! XD

    I've got flat feet too :/ Did highland dancing for a bit and quit when it was making my legs feel strained and sore in all the WRONG places :'(

    I hope the ankle heals itself up soon. You got shoes with good ankle support for cardio? If not you could strap them up for more support and safety :)

    Love you, take care this weekend, ok?

  12. Ahhh, this is so inspiring!
    I've been trying for so long to lose weight, and it just goes up and down all the time, and now I've become the crash dieting stereotype of someone who ends up weighing more than they did in the beginning. So it is really good to hear about someone else who has just gone ahead and done it! Congratulations :)
    And yay for holidays! I wish mine were summer haha, but I'll take what I can get! It's nice to have time to waste and just do all the little things that get put off during the semester.

  13. Congrats babe!!! You have done so well! Must've been a good feeling when you stepped on the scales and saw that figure. :-) so far I have never been that small. 123 was my LW. Well done hun! Stay safe! xxxx

  14. CONGRAATS!!! Maybe I should start working out... :)