Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Shopping Trip that Didn't End in Tears, or, The Little Girl that Could

I love shopping. When I'm thin.

For such a long time, shopping has been a necessary evil.

One that ends in me buying maybe one or two things.

Oftentimes avoiding dressing rooms completely and then returning home with a bag full of items that don't fit.

This is how my addiction to online shopping began.

Losing weight, it seems, is a magical antidote to the horrific shopping experience that I've become so used to.

Trying on clothes and realizing, HOLY FUCK, I lost a size?!

HOLY FUCK. I can wear something that says "SMALL" on the label?!

Am I living in the goddamned Twilight Zone?!


Yes, I am.

The Twilight Zone of successful shopping trips and self-esteem.

A much heard-of place, but rarely experienced.

Now I'm going to go into giddy little girl mode...

LoOk At aLl Of mY cOoL nEw ClOtHeS, LIKE OMG!!!!
(someone please shoot me now.)

I own short-shorts now.

This really is the fucking Twilight Zone.

And strappy sandles that go over my ankle that I normally avoid for fear of a rabid cankle attack.

And regular t-shirts. Form-fitting t-shirts.

None of these things have ever existed in my closet before now.

Now, a gratuitous fashion shot. Because, y'know, I'm self-absorbed.

Many thanks to the lovely boyfriend for taking shot, after shot, after shot of me in the same damn outfit because I don't know, I think that one looks weird. Maybe this will be better lighting. Did my leg do something funny in that one?

I'm sure he's relieved that ordeal is over.

A bientôt, lovelies.



  1. FlargghalhfwOMFG YOU ARE GORGEOUS.

    I can has your hair, yes?

    We MUST go shopping together so you can make me look like something OTHER than a rag-bag :3

    Yay for out-of-contextness! :D


  2. AWESOME!!! I, too hate shopping. I usually steal clothes form other people, bigger than me and hide in them. Usually men's things. Oh, the shame!

    Your new wardrobe is wicked, I love the little shorty shorts! Great photo, worthy of Lookbook! I love it! <3. XXX.

  3. All those pretty clothes!! I'm glad you had a successful shopping trip that didn't end in tears and self-loathing. Buy clothing can be extrememly depressing for those with body image prolems (I too hate what I see in dressing room so I just stay away from them all together). You look so gorgeous in that dress by the way! You're rockin' that hair!

  4. Oh my word you're gorgeous!!!! Do you hear that enough in your life?! You should! I love exclamation points ahhh!!!

    No for reals though, so pretty. Your soul is pretty since it triumphed and bought new types of clothes like short shorts. If that's not an amazing feat then I don't know what is.

    Pffft and whatevs, tell me your boy doesn't adore photographing is fabulous girlie?

    Le sigh, not anon, it's Displayed

  5. i love all the clothes and the dress looks so pretty :)
    i'm glad you had a good shopping trip, ♥

  6. That's so awesome!!! I'm really happy for you! And I LOVE that dress :)

  7. So pretty!!! I LOVE online shopping hehehe :D

  8. awww you look delightful dear. I love your new stuff.