Monday, August 22, 2011

So, Jaks, what's on the agenda for today...

....Hmm, no homework.

Looks like I'll be cleaning house, watching What Not To Wear and Law & Order, and blogging today.

The liquid fasting in preparation for beach-time didn't exactly work out as planned.

The boyfriend took a break in-between WoW raids and wanted to get dinner. I decided to tag along with the expectation that... I'm not even sure what my thinking was. I realize that I have no will power. I should have known immediately that going with him would end in me eating.

We decide on Steak 'n Shake and, in an attempt to feel better about my late-night diet ruining, I got three Frisco shooters instead of a full-size Frisco sandwich. Oh, and they come with fries.

While we were waiting for our food, I checked the nutrition information.

Oh dear god in heaven, 800 calories.

We get home with our bountiful bounty and I decided 'Hey, I hardly ever eat beef. You know what goes well with beef, boyfriend? Red wine. Red wine goes well with beef.'

And that's how Saturday evening began.

Red wine and mini burgers with cheese.

I proceeded to get raucously drunk off of a mere glass and a half and.... well, that's all we'll say about Saturday.

It didn't end up mattering too much, however, because the rain came anyways on Sunday and the boyfriend forgot that he had a CPR class to do that day.

Sunday was also a horrific bingey day. Chinese food and slothing it up on the couch while watching Evangelion and Gunslinger Girl - the boyfriend is on a quest to get me to watch anime.

I like to think I'm a cute sloth....
I've got time, though, to get my eating and exercising straightened out.

The rain has been from tropical storm Irene, which has now been upgraded to HURRICANE IRENE.

I move to Florida and a month later I get to experience my first hurricane. Yay?

At the very least, beach time is out of the question until after the hurricane passes on Friday.

In other, less life-threatening, news, the first of my online shopping binge packages arrived today.

I now have two new pairs of shoes - one of which fits horribly and were on clearance so I can't return them, a new top which will most likely get returned as it's entirely too frilly and large, and cute new shorts and a dress.

Tomorrow, another package is set to arrive. Excite!

For now, I'm going to remain huddled on the couch while it rains and thunders and is generally terrifying outside.

A bientôt, lovelies.



  1. I love the sloth picture!!!

    Boo to the boyfriend picking such unhealthy food. I know everyone needs a break every once in a while, but I always find that particularly difficult. I only see my boyfriend once every few months, so when we're together we typically spend 5 days eating out and drinking... thus I end up gaining five or six pounds and then struggling until the next time I see him to lose them again (ahem, like now). Why can't boys ever suggest salad???

  2. Since I have to eat far more than I'd like on the weekends, I've decided that Mondays will be a liquids-and-fruit-only-day to try to get some sort of control back over my mouth.

    OMG I'm totally picturing you as a cute, cuddly sloth-pomeranian hybrid. Fluffy and cute and snuggly and awwwww!

    Eep, I hope Irene stays the fuck away from you guys! I do NOT envy people who live in hurricane-prone areas. Stay safe, okays?


  3. good luck with hurricane irene, i hope you stay ok! xo.

  4. Yeah I can't get away with liquid fasts, my bf is quick to eagle eye everything I eat because he knows about my previous mia, hence I have to eat barely any calories during the day in order to eat something 'normal' in the evening to prove him wrong that I'm not eating enough. Haha maybe one day my brother will be known as the guy who hoovered up creme brulee :) xx

  5. WOW!!! Who knew such a tiny burger could pack such a wallop? It does look yummy, though.

    That sloth is adorable! I love sloths!

    Hooray for shopping!!! I hope the next package has some AWESOME things in it!

    All the best and love to Jaks! :)