Friday, August 12, 2011

Fat Cat

It would figure that my cat would be like me in every way imaginable.

We took Jaks to the vet to have his post-coming home check-up and get his rabies shot done. The fluffy guy hid underneath our chairs the entire time, making himself cozy in a little kitty cave. He tends to hide if there's even a hint of light, natural or otherwise.

The vet hefted him onto the counter and took his weight. 12 lbs.

12 lbs!

Apparently 8 to 11 lbs is average for cats.

He is a rather large specimen - and not just because of his protruding belly. He's just a large cat.

Okay, maybe because of his belly...

The vet says 12 lbs is fine because of how big he is, but that he shouldn't gain anymore weight because he's starting to get some belly fat, etc. etc.

The boyfriend is not a fan of fat pets. I, personally, think it's adorable, even though I would never wish the same upon myself. Little fat cats are cute!

The boyfriend, however, thinks it's cruel and irresponsible and not cute.


So Master Jaks is on a diet.

The vet said he was only to get half a can of wet food and 1/4th a cup of dry food per day. We were feeding him three times a day, then we were feeding him twice a day with her suggestions, and the last couple of days we've been baddies and have just been giving him the half can of wet food because his belly has been looking particularly large as of late.

I promised him I would feed him properly today, though.

So instead of restricting his eating, I've decided that Jaks needs to be more active.

He currently spends most of his time watching movies on HBO and trying to play WoW.

It's like they cloned me and put me in my true form: a cat. Hahaha.

When he's not sprawled out on the couch watching television or perched on our desks hovering over our keyboards and staring intently at our monitors, he's obsessively bathing himself or sleeping under our furniture.

I know at night he's a bit more active, probably because we keep the TV turned off.

I'll hear him rustle around in the vertical blinds on the patio door, looking outside, and occasionally I'll hear loud clashes and go out to find him pouncing at invisible monsters.

I try to get him to play with his toys with me. The problem is that I'm just as lazy as the cat and don't want to play for long, either.

The only toy I can even get him to play with is one that's filled with catnip. Once he catches it, he just licks it. I think he only plays with it in order to get high...

Again, they've cloned me.

At least he's a long-hair, so you can sort of fool yourself into thinking that he's just fluffy and not fat.

I don't have that luxury. Lucky damn cat.

I did make him a profile on Wii Fit so that we can keep track of his weight and have a little kitty avatar meow at us whenever we log in. So hopefully that will help... I guess.

All in all, I think we might just have to deal with having a fat cat unless we go to extremes and get Jaks a harness and leash and force him to go on walks around the neighborhood. Considering he's terrified of just going out on the screened-in patio, I don't think that'd go over too well, either.

Oh, Jaks. You crazy thing, you.

A bientôt, lovelies.



  1. SQUEEEEEE!!!!!! It's Master Jaks! I love him so much! Don't worry, my Siamese is on a diet, too. She's a guzzler, just like Mama! She has been playing catch with her sister, so ahe's trimmed down a little. Hilarious to watch! She's such a cheat! I'm glad she's a little smaller, at one point, she was looking like a beige torpedo! Yikes!

    I'll bet it's wetter than an otter's pocket in Florida! I prefer warm rain to cold, but I'm really keen for some dry weather. The damp is no good for my chest. Living on a marsh doesn't help, either!

    I cannot believe how expensive tickets to Coachella are! WTF??? Maybe one day, when we're rich and shameless, huh?!

    Flat tummy secret weapon...

    Love you, Babe! <3. XXX.

  2. your cat is just too cute! :)

  3. Dralion is also very fluffy, but I'm trying to get a bit more meat on her bones. I don't like feeling her spine when I pat her! She's also a big, fluffy gal. Maybe I need to mellow her out, she tears around like a nutter but refuses to go outside. Spazzin' it up in the house.

    Like momma, like kitty XD

  4. Kiiiiikiiiii!!! He's such a muffin. <3

    My one cat is 16 pounds. The vet said she had to go on a major diet, mainly restricting her dry food. I was then given a lecture on not feeding Daisy too much try food because cats--unlike dogs--are carvnivores and should not be eating so many carbs.
    -___- not going so well. Mum thinks it's cruel to deny Daisy her dry food when she's sitting by her bowl with a dejected look on her face.