Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I think it's time to commit me....

.....for my shopping addiction.

Sunday night the boyfriend had to go to bed early so that he could get up for class on Monday. I tried my hardest, but couldn't fall asleep.

Here's my cue to camp out in the living room and browse the internets on the laptop.

While I was browsing, I came across a story about Banana Republic coming out with a Mad Men collection. Coming out? No. CAME OUT.

I immediately went to the Banana Republic website and was prompted with the question, "Are you Don? Or are you Betty?"


As a marketing major and self-proclaimed retro-phile, I'm pretty much required to be in love with everything Mad Men.

I gazed at their Mad Men collection longingly and, in my half-asleep daze, began adding every item to my shopping bag.

I ended up spending over $500 on classy retro cocktail dresses, cigarette pants, a cardigan, a silk secretary top, a scarf, and a shell top.

In my defense, they were having an online-only 25% off discount....

In the defense of sanity, I don't have a job and am not planning on getting one until next semester and I'm banking on getting a good financial aid package this semester to tide me over, so I shouldn't be spending money I don't have.


Of course, sanity be damned, I continued shopping.

Whilst shopping on Banana Republic's website, I noticed that The Gap was having a 35% off discount that night.

Well.... 35% off.... I do need new workout clothes even though I haven't gone to the gym in almost two months... And I love their 1969 jean collection.... And I need more tops....

The shopping beast was then released to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting world.

How could I not shop at Banana Republic and The Gap and not give some loving to their other branch, Piperlime?

After all those new clothes, dammit, I needed shoes.

And more clothes...

Because who knew Piperlime had clothing? I apparently live under a rock.

When I finally made it to bed at 2 am, the boyfriend rolled over and mumbled something unintelligible to me.

It wouldn't be until morning when he would finally hear the terrible news.

I spent $1,000.


I've promised not to buy any more clothes until next semester at the earliest.

I still had to buy $600 worth of Ebooks for my classes starting today.

And I have to pay for orthodontist appointments.

And doctor's appointments.

And prescriptions.

And my cell phone bill.

And the cable bill.


This is what happens when I'm stressed. And anxious. And feeling overwhelmed.

I do exactly what everyone in my family does.

I shop.

I need to learn new coping skills.

A bientôt, lovelies.

- parisienne.love


  1. I need to learn coping skills too. I was taught to check out the clearance first and taught to pretty much only buy clearance though. I have bought $250 worth of clothes for $50 because of clearance though. That's why my closet is always so full of clothes and that's how I can afford to keep buying more. I like the clothes in the picture and if I wasn't broke, I might have checked them out...

  2. Now what kind of American would you be if you didn't go on internet shopping sprees with money you don't have?!?

    At least you're buying things you can use on a daily basis, as opposed to Baroque fashions, edged weapons, and rare My Little Ponies.

    When you find some good new coping skills, you let me know. I shall do the same for you. <3

    ....but seriously, sometimes you just really need that $300 pair of Lacroix heels. It's a matter of life and death.