Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finally, an update from Florida! Pic obese

It's been a long month.... a little bit longer than a month....

On July 12th, the boyfriend and I began the long drive to Florida. After driving through 6 states, we finally arrived at our new apartment on July 14th.

My aunt and her boyfriend were already staying in Miami with her boyfriend's sister. Long story short, their living situation wasn't working out, so we offered to let them stay with us for a while until they decided what they wanted to do.

The next two weeks were filled with a multitude of trips to IKEA, furniture shopping, hours spent in Target, and getting acclimated with our new life in Florida.

We immediately bought a cat the day after moving in. Knowing me, it would have been a travesty if we hadn't gotten a cat as soon as possible. ;)

His name is Jaks and he's a completely adorable pile of fluff.

He's an avid TV-watcher, especially nature shows. He's relatively nocturnal. He's super affectionate. He loves watching the boyfriend and I play video games. His meows sound like bird chirping - which just makes me melt. Oh, and his tail. Did I mention his tail? It's the size of a cat in and of itself and, therefore, is deserving of its own name - Captain.

Once we got the cat, it was on to the next important line of business - picking out colors for the apartment, painting, buying furniture, and decorating. We're still working on the decorating part - throw pillows, wall art, and the like have yet to be bought - but here is the apartment so far!

Living room accent wall and couch.

Dining room accent wall and sweet dining set from IKEA.
Bedroom accent wall and more IKEA. I swear we have a comforter, it was just in the wash.

Our matching computer desks - where we spend most of our time.

In-unit washer/dryer! How it brings me joy!

Screened-in porch off the living room.

Kitchen - view from dining room.

Kitchen workspace. Jaks' eating area and recycling bins underneath.
Dining room to the left, living room to the right.
The TV is against this wall.

And finally, the bathroom! There's a linen closet to the right - how adult.
Well that's the apartment. I could post a billion pictures and show you every little detail - the walk-in closet, the entry-way, more views of the living room and kitchen, pictures of the dishes, and on, and on, and on. But this post is pic-heavy enough as it is, haha.

After getting the cat, painting, and getting the furniture squared away, it was time for a trip before the boyfriend started medical school.

We drove down to Key West and spent a weekend there with my aunt and her boyfriend.

The boyfriend - we were at a clam bar getting happy hour drinks and appetizers.

Me and my aunt in front of a sponge monster!

Catching breakfast from a Cuban coffeehouse.

This is what we really look like. ;)

Getting ready for parasailing!

So high up!

There we are!
After the trip to Key West, my aunt and her boyfriend returned to the Midwest. Their next stop is California. 

Last week the boyfriend started med school. On Sunday, his university had their white coat ceremony.

The boyfriend in his student medical coat!
He's officially a med student!

In the meantime, I've been keeping myself busy by being domestic and keeping house and taking care of the cat. I've recently started playing WoW again to occupy myself during the days... and nights... and sometimes even mornings...

My classes start next week, so I've only got so much time left to play video games and be lazy until I have to actually be productive. My classes are all online, though, so I'll still be at home most of the day and have free time.

I'm hoping to get a car and a part-time job for next semester.

For now, I'm just enjoying our new home, our cat, and our new life together.

Time to get caught up on all of your blogs! I'll update about the weight rollercoaster in my next post - I have exciting news!

A bientôt, lovelies.

- parisienne.love


  1. Your apartment looks great! As do you. I'm glad things are working out in Florida! xx

  2. I've missed your posting! Glad you had a safe trip across all those states! Your cat = adorable. Your apartment is so gorgeous! I like it because it's clean and clutter free. I hear you about being lazy until school starts- my semester starts in two weeks so I'm going to be as lazy as possible until then!

  3. Great post! thanks for all the pictures :-)

  4. your apartment looks lovely :) and cat is sooo cute! :) xo.

  5. the apartment looks great! your kitty is so cute :)

  6. Looks like a nice apartment & looks like ya'll are doing well at filling it up! Enjoy your last bit of time off before school starts!

  7. YOU'RE BAAACCCKKK!!!! I've missed you!

    Your new home is GORGEOUS!!! So glad you're all settled in and the kitteh is SO adorable! I love Jaks!

    You and the boyf. are such a lovely couple, just look at you! He looks very dashing in his white coat, I must say. So glad you had a lovely time with your aunt. Enjoy the last of your time off and all the best for your classes. Great photos! Love you. <3. XXX.

  8. wow, I love you apartment. I want to kidnap you, lock you in your big walk in closet and move in.

    You and your boyfriend are adorable together by the way. I'm glad you are settling in well.

  9. YAY YOU'RE BACK!!! :D

    OMG that cat is such a muffin. <3

    The apartment looks great. And I love the photos!


  10. 'Scuse me, I just Squee-d myself hoarse XD