Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Botched Beach Day and More Incessant Vanity

This morning was terrible.

I am a very bad person and did a very bad thing.

I had tripe and cupcakes for breakfast.

Needless to say, the two don't exactly go together well and I ended up taking a nap right after waking up in an attempt to ignore my churning stomach.

I eventually woke up for the second time of the day at a fairly reasonable 10 am.

I weighed myself on the scale and Wii Fit and - SURPRISE - 115.7 lbs.

How did I go from 118 to 115 in barely two days? I didn't.

I am an idiot and was reading my scale incorrectly and was assuming that Wii Fit was lying to me each time it said I was in the 115s.

So, sort of yay? I'm closer to my goal weight, but I didn't actually lose any weight.

The boyfriend got out of school early today so we had planned to go to the beach. Unfortunately, it started drizzling and was overcast and scary when we were leaving the house - so instead of beach fun times, I finally got around to getting more pictures out of the boyfriend.

Top: Old Navy, Skirt and Necklace: Forever 21, Sandals: PacSun
Dress and Shoes: Piperlime, Bag and Cardigan: Forever 21

Dress, Shoes, and Bags: Target, Necklace: Forever 21
There's a helluva lot more, but I don't want to be that vain and post them all, haha.

Also, in order to keep myself busy, and in an attempt to keep this blog focused and not cluttered up, I've created a separate food blog where I'll be posting recipes and recent cooking creations and I've created a separate craft blog for all of my crafty ventures.

If you're as disordered as me and despite everything still are a foodie at heart, this is my food blog.

And if you delve into the craft world every now and again, this is my craft blog.

I've also kept them on a separate Blogger account so that my friends and family can read them without having them find my slightly concerning (probably to them) weight loss blog. If we could keep it that way, that would be great, haha.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and I swear I'll make it to the beach.... eventually.... And when I do, believe me, there will be an update.

A bientôt, lovelies.

- parisienne.love


  1. I'm trying to decide who's cuter, you or Jaks!!! Those outfits are amazing, I lovelovelove!

  2. Wonderful clothing! And excellent weigh-in...

  3. Those coconut vanilla cupcakes look HEAVENLY.

    You look fabulous in your dresses!!! I want to go shopping now. I've been so good, too--haven't bought anything unnecessary other than that 18th century gown in MONTHS.

    Hope you can make it to the beach!


  4. i love your outfits! and your new hair looks really nice as well :) xo.

  5. Them cupcakes look quite nice.
    Your outfits are so cute!! Especially the dress. :) xx