Sunday, September 4, 2011

Binge Monster on the Prowl!

Well I did go back to the gym the other day.

I managed to go a whole 5 minutes longer - but I did more incline on the treadmill and higher resistance on the stationary bike, so I ended up burning 245 calories instead of 175.

Unfortunately, my eating for the past few days has been totally out of control.

I managed to not take my medication on the worst day possible.

Yesterday we went to Costco for the first time and it is a veritable mecca of food.

By the time we got home, I was starving like some tortured, caged animal and went fucking crazy on the food.

Stuffed grape leaves.

Greek yogurt.


Toasted croissant with Maine Lobster spread.

Oh, and I had already eaten two muffins and a slice of pizza for breakfast.

And we had dinner plans to meet up with friends at an Irish pub that evening.

An hour before we had to leave for the restaurant and I was in full-on binge monster mode.


Today has gone... slightly better?

It's dinner time and all I've eaten today is a Greek yogurt, chicken and spinach burger on a croissant with light Swiss cheese, and coffee.

Hopefully I won't overdo it at dinner - and maybe I'll even hit the gym again tonight.

As for tomorrow, Happy Early Labor Day!

The weather is supposed to be nice, but I'm sure the beaches will be crowded due to the holiday.

Depending on how much the boyfriend has to study, I might convince him that it is finally time to hit the beach.

Also, no pictures in this post - I just updated my food blog and my craft blog so I'm getting lazy, haha. My most sincere apologies!

A bientôt, lovelies.



  1. You know, I remember binging and feeling out of control and just hating myself, giving up and eating more. I tried doing this thing though, where every time I would feel like eating the world and guilty, I would tell myself that it was okay. I would just repeat in my head that it was okay to eat, it's okay to eat, there is plenty of food and I don't have to starve.

    After a few weeks of binging and feeling less guilty, I stopped binge-eating. I haven't had a binge in months. I eat enough, probably between 1300-1600 a day. It seems like you eat a healthy amount of food (don't take that as an insult!), so this could probably work for you. :)

    Take care lovely girl, you just do what you can and love yourself for it. You are fabulous, and the only blog I looked at today lol.

  2. C'est la vie.. Shit happenes.. Just brush it off and start over :)

    Try to have some fun and enjoy the nice weather :)

  3. Sorry you're having a rough time :/

    Great job on the exercise increase! xx

  4. *Hugs* I'm sending mental images of you in a hot ringleader outfit with a bullwhip and stool forcing the binge monster back into it's cage. (Totally what I have to do as well)

    Go Go Paris-chan! You can do it!