Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mad Men, you cruel temptress of television laziness

So I've been rather MIA lately. And this is why.

As many of you know, and as evidenced by my insane Banana Republic shopping sprees, I have an intense love for Mad Men (and all things marketing/advertising-related in general).

I even made a Mad Men avatar of myself here, complete with my coffee and cigarettes, haha.

The boyfriend hadn't seen the show and I had only seen the first season because I didn't have cable for the longest time and Netflix, my dearest love, didn't have Mad Men for the longest time.

Spurred by the fact that the boyfriend was utterly uneducated in the ways of the early 1960s advertising world, I soon made it my mission to watch through all of the past seasons with him in order to be fully prepared in time for the March 2012 Season 5 premiere date.

With my love of Mad Men and fancy dress parties, it only makes sense that we host a Mad Men Season Premiere party in our swanky new digs.

We finally got a proper television stand and it fits perfectly with the mid-century modern style.

Mad Men on the screen - of course.

I've been all a-flutter coming up with ideas and looking up other people's Mad Men parties for inspiration.

And I'm so excited about the dressing up and the forcing all of our friends to dress up in appropriate style.

For now I'll just occupy my time with watching the show every evening once the boyfriend is home from school and drooling over pictures of others' classy Mad Men parties.

All of this slovenly television watching (and Betty Draper inspired fits of housewifery, cooking, and baking), however, has taken its toll on my figure.

I'm now hovering between 117 and 118 lbs again.


It's so frustrating to have come so close to being under 115 lbs and then slacking for two weeks and gaining again.

I still want to make it to 110 lbs by Halloween and it's still possible if I lose 1 lb/week.

Once you start plateauing, though, 1 lb/week weight loss seems like an utter impossibility.

You get used to maintaining a certain weight - used to seeing the same number on the scale day after day - used to the consistency and monotony.

It gets to the point where you're so used to what you're at, that the idea of weight loss seems like a distant dream.

Logically, I realize that losing 1 lb/week is completely attainable.

Logically, I know that all it will require is going to the gym for an hour every day and eating a sensible 1400 calories each day.

Somehow, though, being in this current rut has drained me of all motivation and desire to get out there and make the changes I need to in order to have the body I want.

I'm going to the beach on Thursday with a group of girls that I had dinner with the other night.

One of them - another wife of one of the boyfriend's fellow med students - is a force to be reckoned with.

She's opinionated to the point of it being a fault, overly sociable, and one of those naturally thin types.

Dear god, everything that triggers my social anxiety all rolled up in one person.

Not only is she extremely skinny - but she's gorgeous.

She's tan and toned and has an attractive and adult-looking face.

I feel like a pudgy, awkward teenager hanging out with her 25 year old, grown into her good looks older sister.

(I tried to find a picture to express this sentiment, but everything that came up was Khloe Kardashian...)

I managed to go to the pool with K and J and not totally freak out about my looks because K is a bit heavier than me and J is comparable to me.

New skinny-mini, however, is throwing a wrench into the whole "feel good about yourself in a bathing suit" thing.

I wanted to start wearing my two-piece out in public because the one-piece, though figure-hugging and flattering, is a bit short in the torso area and, once in the water, the top has a habit of trying to slide down.

But it looks like Thursday I'll be back in the one-piece - perhaps with the optional straps attached for extra support - in order to cover up and not feel as much like I'm in competition with (and being compared to) the thin beauty.


I will just never have the frame to be that skinny.

Some things, I suppose, are better to just ignore.

My mother's favorite prayer has always spoken to me on that point - even though I am decidedly not religious and decidedly against my mother.

God, grant me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Here's hoping that I'll break this plateau sometime soon!

Oh, and I didn't win a Kindle - oh well. Maybe next time.

A bientôt, lovelies.

- parisienne.love


  1. "Once you start plateauing, though, 1 lb/week weight loss seems like an utter impossibility.

    You get used to maintaining a certain weight - used to seeing the same number on the scale day after day - used to the consistency and monotony.

    It gets to the point where you're so used to what you're at, that the idea of weight loss seems like a distant dream."

    You could have stolen these words from me! This is where I am currently :(

    Here's hoping we both break the plateau soon- this week hopefully :) Good luck with 110 by Halloween, I want 126 by then xx

  2. Holy cow. I hate this girl and I've never even met her. Perfect trophy wife, huh? Blah. How incredibly boring. As Mad Men shows us, it's that certain something, that different angle, that's makes things awesome-- you, my dear, have pizazz. Don't let anyone make you feel like you're not amazing. :)

  3. overly opinionated, extremely social... sounds like this girl is a bit overwhelming. But I agree with Kate: she sounds boring. She's just trying to fill her life by pushing her opinions on others constantly. (I am being a bit harsh... but I have met the type. And I dislike her on your behalf.)

    Mad Men is wonderful... before I left uni, H and I were planning to commandeer a friend's house to throw a Mad Men dinner party... but I guess now I'll just live vicariously through yours!

  4. My friend entered the Mad Men photo contest and came in 13th out of thousands of women! (The top 10 get considered for a role on the show!) I haven't watched it yet . . . but basically because I know what a commitment watching a new, awesome show is! It'll glue me to the couch. haha.

    Forget about that stinking skinny girl. She makes me want to say BLAHHHH

  5. I wish I was plateauing, I've been doing nothing but gain for the last 3 months. I'm back over 140lbs when I swore I'd never see the topside of 130 again.

    Meds and a BF who thinks that pizza at 9pm on a sunday night is a good thing. He has the metabolism to do that and not suffer, I don't and he just doesn't understand the most basic physiological differences between men and women.


    Positive thinking is the key. You're done it before, you can do it again. The main enemy is yourself. Your own mind, your thoughts tripping you up and making you backslide. Slicing your Achilles with a knife of despair before you even lift your feet to move forward.

    In the words of my ex "Lets fuck this puppy"

    In the words of some sports company "Lets do it"


  6. Ok.. don't hate me now.. But I really don't enjoy that show all that much.. I have watched it a few times but it is sort of .. "meh" if you know you i mean.. Sowwy..

    Over to the "skinny" barbie.. you know what.. I think you look amazing! you should put on whatever you want and just ignore the hag! have loads of fun and just ignore the "skinny-mini"..



    I am currently re-watching season 3 (lucky me, my roommate has is on Blu-Ray). Betty Draper, while she may be a huge child, is gorgeous and between her and Roger's new wife, I am thoroughly jealous.

    I know it's impossible, but don't worry about that other girl. I am certain you look just as stunning. Wear what makes you comfortable and just work it.

  8. That was super fun.

    I've never actually watched that show. My absolute hatred of January Jones has biased me, I guess.... :/ Maybe I'll give it a try.

    Good luck with the beach! That girl sounds like the type of girls I tend to piss off without consciously meaning to......