Friday, September 23, 2011

The Plight of the Overexcited

I get my hopes up.


The littlest things get me insanely excited.

I start planning for things far in advance.

Researching every little detail, buying necessary items, telling everyone and their mother about whatever opportunity I've found for myself.

And then it all comes crashing down.

Every single damn time.

The internship is great - I think.

I was supposed to start today, but something came up.



I got a call from the Center for Business Internships at my university and, lo and behold, I am not eligible to receive course credit for my internship because it's unpaid and the university seeks to uphold minimum wage laws.


Fucking fuck.

That's the main reason for taking on this internship.

So that I can graduate.

I'm not sure if I'm going to quit the internship or not.

I'm going to see what paperwork has to be turned in for the internship and if there's not actual proof of payment - my boss said he'd lie on the paperwork and say that he was paying me.

But he won't actually pay me.

How generous.


On the bright side.....

I just spoke with my university and the paperwork required is simply a signature from my boss stating how much he paid me.

That's it.

No actual proof - no pay stubs - just a lie on a piece of paper to get me 6 credit hours and on the road to graduation.

I've been a mixed bag of emotions the past couple of days.

Excited for the internship, horribly disappointed about not getting credit, less than excited about my boss not considering paying me, happy that I'll be getting my college credit after all.

I already sent out about a billion other applications in the time between finding out I wouldn't be able to receive credit to this morning, when I found out that I could receive credit.

It's nearly impossible to find a paid internship, though.

I found plenty of other marketing internships, almost had another interview, and then I asked it if was paid or unpaid.

Of course it's unpaid.

Internships are just a loophole for free slave labor, as my gramma warned me the other day.

Thanks for the vote of confidence, grammy....

Waiting on a phone call back from my boss so that I can explain what needs to be done.

Then it's, hopefully, smooth sailing.

A bientôt, lovelies.



  1. I do this too, all the planning, and details, and obsession. And the inevitable disappointment.

    I hope your sailing is smooth! <3

  2. Your boss is nice to do that for you.
    Your internships sound like our apprenticeships. Sure you get a qualification and a wee amount of money each week, but people older doing the same thing get a proper wage. All that matters is that you enjoy it though. :) xx

  3. Good luck. I really hope he agreess to fake-pay you-- it's possible that if he won't consent to that, he's not even going to be a good boss to work for. But best of luck, I have my fingers crossed for you :)

  4. That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard!! When I did my internship, paid ones were IMPOSSIBLE to find. I worked for free. Although I will admit that when I was working (a real paid job) with interns to boss around, it was kind of nice. :D

    I do that same thing with planning and getting big ideas, only to have it explode in my face. And yet I keep doing it. :/ Hopefully one day, we'll have something fabulous actually work out perfectly! <3


  5. o.O The CRAP??

    It would be nice if people were willing to do the opposite. Pay you and lie about not doing it.


    I hope you get one the pays, or at least this boss turns out to be a nice one despite being a little morally impaired :p

    I'm going to have to find out how to deal with this girl. She it NOT worth the energy it would take to avoid her. Silly spoiled bitchface.

    Good luck! <3

  6. oh :S I hope it works out and that he will sign the papers..

    OMG I am even stressed on your behalf :(


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  8. Paid internships basically don't exist. I'm glad your boss is willing to work with you/lie for you so you can get the credit, though! It must be nice to have things figured out and going basically as they should now. Not knowing always sucks. xx

  9. You remind me of me. I allow myself to get so easily swept up in things. Excitement is contagious, let it spread x

  10. While not impressed with Mr. Boss's integrity, I'm glad it's working out for you.