Friday, May 20, 2011

Yeah, I jog. Ain't no thing.

Because our free trial at Anytime Fitness is only during their staffed hours, our times when we can actually go to the gym are rather limited. Yesterday they were only open until 1 pm and we didn't get a chance to go even though I was really looking forward to it.

Sad Panda.... Because I still use slang from 2008.
I was already dressed for the gym by the time the boyfriend had called to see what their staffed hours for the day were, and considering how long it takes me to get dressed to leave the house, I was not wasting those efforts.

The boyfriend. Let's gooooooooooo. Let's doooo something! I'm already wearing work out clothes! Let's go JOGGING.

It had been raining all day.

It was fairly chilly.

It was right when the elementary school down the street, and, consequently, on my jogging path, was getting out.

But jog we did!

I can be inspirational sometimes.
Though we had to maneuver past school children walking home, stay-at-home moms from the subdivisions powerwalking - but mostly gossiping, and an inordinate amount of snails due to the weather, we made it.

I downloaded a new app on my phone - Endomondo Sport Tracker.

If you have a smart phone, I highly recommend it. It uses GPS to track your route when exercising - I say exercising because it can track a multitude of sports, from snowboarding to rollerblading to swimming - and then uploads the data to your account on their website, where you can see details about exactly what speed you were going at what time and altitude. You know those fancy graphs are what reeled me in, haha. On the app itself, it keeps track of duration, average speed, and calories burned.

Love at first sight.
The boyfriend and I ended up jogging/walking 3 miles for 54 minutes with an average speed of 18 min/mile.

Endomondo said I burned something like 369 calories, but I hadn't set up my height and weight yet. When I went through the graph and added up the times spent at each different pace and SparkPeople-ed the results, I got 234 calories, which seems much more accurate.

I really want to get a sleeve for my phone now and wear it to the gym and while jogging. I love apps that do everything for you, even though I went back and calculated everything on my own through SparkPeople. ;)

A bientôt, lovelies.



  1. Yay go you!!!!! I love apps that tell you those sort of things... I have one on my ipod thats a pedometer.... not so fancy
    Well done on the cals burned xx

  2. That app sounds awesome, and I'm probably going to get it since I do have a smart phone. Thanks for the idea!

    It's a bummer about the gym hours, but at least you got the jog. I'd love to start working out with my boyfriend, but I get so self conscious around him. I feel like my fat is just jiggling everywhere when I jog... and I don't want him to see that. Maybe I'm over reacting, but I can't get that thought out of my head.

    I really like that quote as well, it's funny as well as inspirational. ;)