Sunday, May 15, 2011

bargain shopping shall be the death of me

My addiction to Blogger has recently overcome my addiction to Facebook.

Facebook, you will be sorely missed...
And then.


The tables, again, were turned.

Oh Groupon, how I love thee. Giving me 50% off on things I don't need. Giving me coupons that I've paid for, but may never use. Forcing me, yes forcing me, to spend $200 on - what? Currently nothing. The possibility of a Brazilian wax, oxygen facial, mani-pedi, wine tasting, acupunture, $5 for $10 worth of smoothies.

Be mesmerized by the Groupon cat. I'm pretty sure it has the same powers as Hypnotoad.
Displayed recently had a post about addiction.

Well, this is my addiction. Shopping.

Something about spending money, whether or not I actually have enough to spend is beyond the point, makes me happy. Not just happy, euphoric. It's the best high there is.

If you've read my post about purging most of my belongings in preparation for the big move, you know that I have a spending addiction.

It's not even about getting new things. Groupon is a wonderful example of that - as of yet, I've received nothing, but I'm still experiencing that tell-tale pleasure.

It's more about the act itself. Whipping out my credit card, typing in those numbers, checking my bank account and seeing that I do, in fact, have enough money to buy this superfluous item.

I guess part of it can be attributed to my growing up poor. We never had enough money for any of the things I wanted. My parents' own addictions came before my needs the majority of the time. Now that I find myself as an adult, with income and few required expenses, I revel in the fact that I can, for the first time in my life, buy whatever the fuck I want.

$39 for Consultation, One-Hour Acupuncture Session, and 10-Minute Massage at Acupuncture Pain Control Center ($135 Value). 
What the hell! I've never had acupuncture done before! I'm sure I'll get over that whole 'fear of needles' thing.

$50 for a Red-Carpet Oxygen Facial and Gold Mask at JMC Restorative Medicine ($145 Value). 
OMG! Only $50! I deserve a facial! And it's such a good deal.

$22 for Brazilian Wax at Lulu Salon and Spa ($45 Value).
My lady bits could use some hot wax and painful loving..... Who cares if I cry every time I get my eyebrows waxed. It's $22 for a BRAZILIAN WAX.

I am, and I am addicted to shopping.

Also, if you have not yet experienced the mecca of bargain shopping that is Groupon, be a dear and use my referral link to start your own spiraling out-of-control addiction.

A bientôt, lovelies.



  1. How could you do this to me?! I already cracked out to my Entertainment book website (the last time I've had an Entertainment book I don't think the internet existed yet) and now have discounts for online purchases that I too do not need. I clearly needed another outlet for my credit card debt to increase how did you know? haha

    ps i liked the linky dealy you did for me thank you :)

  2. muahaha! harnessing people into my own addictions makes me feel less guilty about them, haha.

    and no problem, love. i'm liking your blog so far!

  3. Oh Gods, we're going to the Mecca of Yarn in Otago tomorrow. HALP! Gonna blow out my bank account on lovely yarns that I won't have time to use int he run-up to exams :x I'll have to avoid the hypnotizing-kitty-site. . . . If I can!

    OMG Tumblr was down? Man, talk about timing! Thank you for your lovely comments about the situation with Grandpa. You're awesome!


  4. Thanks for following me. Following you back!


  5. I have referral links to 2 or 3 other sites that are exactly like groupon. But I won't send them unless you really want to know. I'm already so addicted and I don't want to suck you further in. I had to spend 4 days convincing myself that I can't afford to spend 229 bucks on a years worth of unlimited laser hair removal when I have to move in september