Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tattoo time!

Oh, dear god.

I've been missing in action for absolute aaaagggggeeeeesssssss.

I apologize. Sincerely.

I've been swamped with work, school, internship, two kitties, and life in general.

And I'm still trapped at 120 lbs.

The scale will. not. move.

But enough belly-aching! No more complaining!

Alas, there is good news to be had.

I finally got around to rewarding myself for the weight loss I have accomplished.

And about damn time!

I lost 20 lbs fucking forever ago!

And for a hot minute, I was more near 23 lbs lost!

And I sustained the 20 lbs weight loss for... like... y'know.... a really long time.

Time for some congratulatory tattoos!

Stencil of the full tattoo

Gettin' my tattoo on
Completed outline of the left half of the tattoo
Completed outline of the right half of the tattoo
I have to go back in two weeks, once it's healed, and get the shading done.

I got most of the shading done on the left side, but I didn't get a chance to get a picture.

All in all, it's about 80% finished.

It's of a matryoshka doll, and instead of having little dolls inside, there's a little person.

I've always loved this piece - this is the original artwork that it's based on and will eventually look more like.


I've got billions of idea going on in this little head of mine for future tattoos, so now it's time to get off my ass and work out and lose weight so that I can get more congratulatory tattoos!

Motivation - win!

Also, just for Mich, I have a special treat.

I stalked the cats long enough and finally snagged a picture of them cuddling like the little canoodlers I always knew they were.

A bientôt, lovelies.



  1. Your tattoos are AWESOME - give yourself some credit for being brave enough to go for it! Your legs look amazing, so don't fret, you are beautiful at 120.

  2. Tattoos, tattoos, tattoos!!! I'm loving it! That looks so amazing! Excellent choice!

    Just look at the little cuddle monkeys! Adorable! :)

  3. OMG.. I am loving the tattoos...

    Really nice!

    Oh and I ttly love the kitties still.. hehe :)

    And it is nice to "hear" from you again..

    WB ^^

  4. I like that tattoo! It's really unique and pretty :). After all the work you've put in, you definitely deserve a congratulatory weight loss tattoo! You're cats are an adorable bundle of fur :D

  5. Beautiful and unique tattoo's. I LOVE them. And I agree with the top commenter--You're beautiful at 120. Whatever your goals are, don't pressure yourself too hard :-)


    And those are HOT tattoos. Love it!! You definitely deserved the congratulatory tats. :D

    My weight will not budge either. Binge? Starve? Run until I collapse? Nope--weight stays the same.
    W. T. F.

    Missed your posts, lady!!