Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I've been a workin' woman.

Gone 3 days a week, all day.

First the internship, then the housekeeping.

Poor master Jaks has been a sad, sad kitty.

Staring up at me each day when I come home, crying.


Poor crying kitty.

Don't be sad!

We got you a friend!

A new kitty to keep you company during the day!

An itty, bitty kitten named Chloe.



The boyfriend was also wanting another cat.

Jaks has become rather attached to me and the boyfriend decided that getting a female cat would help to ensure that at least one of our cats will be attached to him.

So far, it's working.

They cuddle and she purrs and he pets and they're so cute together.

At first, there was some hissing and growling, but now Jaks and Chloe have gotten used to each other and we'll catch them running around the house playing with each other and occasionally they rub their noses together and are insanely adorable.

Chloe has taken over the cat bed and thinks that it's hers.

Jaks does not like this new development and can often be found next to the cat bed, ready to pounce or ready to give up and nap on the floor.


I love kitties!

Since I've been so busy, I'm hoping to update at least once a week!

Time to catch up on all of your lovely blogs while trying to keep Chloe from climbing all over my laptop.

A bientôt, lovelies.

- parisienne.love


  1. What a cute kiiikiiiii!!! Chloe looks a bit like my kitty Daisy, except Daisy is now 16 pounds of fatcat.

    You must stalk them and get photos of cuddling and nose-rubbing.

  2. oooohhhh!!!! They are both oh so very cute!

    I <3 kittens ^^

  3. I ADORE your new tortoise shell addition! Such tort-itude! They make a lovely pair! Kisses from me! :)