Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sleek Teeth

The braces have finally come off.

I was warned that my teeth would not be perfect.

I went to a new orthodontist in Florida and, apparently, the brackets I had were different from the brackets he worked with.

I had already paid an $85 deposit, so I decided fuck it, just take them off.

Yeah, my treatment isn't complete.

I was, admittedly, quite worried that the braces would come off and I would be horribly disappointed with the results.

Thankfully, that was not the case. They're perfect enough for me!

I asked prior to the removal if it would hurt.

Oh yeah. It'll hurt more for you because you haven't had an appointment in a while so your teeth will be more resistant.

What the fuck ever. He was taking them off and I didn't even realize it.

I thought he was just removing my wire in preparation for taking off my brackets.

The only parts that sucked were the glue removal and getting the impressions made for my retainer.

The glue removal basically consisted of rubbing my teeth down with a drill and having flakes of glue fly everywhere, which smelled like burning flesh.

The impressions wouldn't have been so bad had the technician done them correctly.

In total, I had 7 or 8 impressions done because she kept messing up.

And I always gag horribly when I get impressions done. So that was fun.

By the end of that ordeal, my face was absolutely covered in pink impression crap.

Time to hit the bathroom to clean up and fawn over my new teeth.

I looooove them. So pretty! So straight!

Before braces, and after braces.
I don't know how it happened - maybe he pulled too hard when he was removing my brackets - but I had two teeth that looked a bit pushed back when I still had the braces on, but now they look flush with my other teeth and completely straight.


Now I'm just busy wrangling my new retainer and learning how to speak without a speech impediment, which has been difficult.

Hopefully tomorrow at work, I won't be the magical slurring intern - but with my luck, I'll still be slurring my speech for weeks.

Overall, though, I'm glad this is over.

I was worrying myself sick over all the logistics of finishing my treatment and how my teeth would look once the braces were off.

I'm glad that they're up to my standards and don't look terribly unfinished.

A bientôt, lovelies.



  1. Your teeth look fabulous! The before and after picture is awesome. Congrats! I remember getting my braces off, and the awful smell of "burning flesh" was definitely the worst part. Ew.

  2. You look great! Getting braces off... such a good feeling

  3. Your teeth look amazing! I've never had braces so I don't know what its like.

  4. your teeth look great :) And I must say the hair is looking great too! hehe


  5. your teeth look so good! :) and i feel your pain over the impressions, i had them done when i had a cold before, which was pretty nasty as i couldnt breathe properly! xo.

  6. I love that your denture is not perfect, it looks so natural! I can't believe the difference. Stunning!

    I remember when I had mine off, I thought the dentist was breaking every tooth. Bastard! The plate impressions were crap, alright! Major gag fest! Ugh! So glad it's over! Smile, smile, smile! You're so beautiful! :)

  7. I have a tiny mouth, so I can sympathize with miserable impressions! Felt like they were stretching my face off.

    Your smile is LOVELY!