Saturday, October 1, 2011

The dreaded rising scale

Well, enough work talk.

I've been so incredibly stressed out lately with getting the internship, getting everything figured out with school, getting my financial aid finalized, classes, life in general - everything!

I've been a mad woman lately.

Stress is a very bad thing for me.

I am the worst at handling stress and lately I've been eating like a starved animal as a defense mechanism.

Hand over the Ramen and no one gets hurt!

Up to 120 lbs again - DEAR GOD.

I'm supposed to get down to 110 lbs by the end of October. Looking rather unlikely now.

I'll be happy to just make it down to 115 lbs at this point.

I still haven't accomplished that.

The boyfriend has decided to start working out in the mornings before he goes to class.

I'm seriously considering joining him for 5 am romps in the gym.

I've got to get back in the gym habit.

I can't go on like this.

I step on the scale every day and it's just a further disappointment.

I look at myself in the mirror and all I see is how fat I've gotten again.

It, generally, is just a sucky state of mind to be wrapped up in for so long.

I want to be happy.

At least work keeps me busy and I can't snack throughout the day.

And at least I'll have some support from the boyfriend as he is going to the gym.

And hopefully exercising will help me two-fold by relieving some stress and releasing some much-needed endorphins.

I'm headachey and sad today.

We went to Coscto and did some really desperate grocery shopping.

Our cupboards were getting cobwebby, ya dig?

Bought some hummus and crackers, tons of Greek yogurt, bagel thins, veggie chips.

Mostly healthy stuff.

Which is good.

Suffering through the Saturday morning crowds, however, not so good.

Just added stress.

I'm going to go collapse in a heap on the couch and watch wedding shows or something.

Eventually, I promise, I'll get caught up on all of your blogs.

I've been so busy lately that I've been forgetting to!

A bientôt, lovelies.



  1. AHH i love ramen <3 some of them are actually pretty low in calories, though. Im sorry to hear you've been stressed, ive been so anxious and stressed lately too :( I think you should join him at the gym, its just another opportunity to burn those pesky cals! i hope you'll feel happier and more relaxed tomorrow. just work hard and you can totally reach your goal! <3 you can do it!

  2. OMG ramen. I was dying for some nice cold soba on sunday :(

    I hope this week is less stressful <3