Saturday, April 30, 2011

slave to the man

I work too much. My days run together - just one never ending blur of work, sleep, work, work, work.

If I didn't keep a highly detailed calendar, I wouldn't know at all what happened this week.

It's steadily approaching Saturday morning and, through some sadistic twist of fate, work schedules, and appointments that couldn't be rescheduled, I haven't had a normal amount of rest since Wednesday.

I can barely read. My eyes are constantly drooping. I keep reminding myself that I only have 3 hours left of work and then I can crash, but then I also remember that I only have 3 hours left to finish everything still left to do. Which is... everything.

Not even adderall can save me from this amount of sleep deprivation. I literally felt nothing when I took some earlier.

The best sleep I got today was when I accidentally fell asleep in the tanning bed.
Seriously, what is my life coming to?

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