Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Updating Infrequently = Super Long Ramblings


I'm heading out to ye olde post office in a bit to start sending out the giveaway prizes!

For those of you winners that haven't yet emailed me your mailing address... you can still do so at this address.

And hurry! Because my self-control is waning and I've got tons of makeup goodies just sitting around waiting for me to break down and open them!

Before I review the makeup for you guys, let me again reiterate (redundant, no?) for those of you that don't know, I'm a member of BzzAgent, a word-of-mouth marketing firm that lets it's users participate in campaigns to try out new products and give honest feedback. I was selected to be a member of the Maybelline Baby Lips and Lots of Lashes campaign so I received these products for free.

As far as the makeup itself goes...

I love it! - Free or not!

The Lots of Lashes mascara has a "heart-shaped" brush, which sounds a bit gimmicky at first, but it really does help to lengthen and evenly apply across all the lashes, even the pesky corner ones.

No falsies here!
And because I tend to wear my eyeliner around just the outside corners, it's good to have really long lashes in those areas.

The lip balm is also awesome. It keeps my lips super smooth and, since I chose the cherry red Baby Lips lip balm for my own use, it has a sheer hint of color.

Unfortunately, red is not really my color, so I haven't had a chance to wear it all day to see how long the application lasts.

I was hoping that this red might do the trick, and was planning on buying a new red lipstick or colored lip balm anyways, so I chose the red for myself. I'm now regretting that just a little bit as I would probably have used one of the clear ones more.

It's certainly different from regular chapstick, that's for sure. It's much glossier and sleeker in application.

I hope you ladies enjoy it! And if you weren't a winner in the giveaway, they still have coupons up on their Facebook page!

And I know that you guys have been waiting to see pictures of the finished tattoos!

I'm glad you guys have liked it so far and your comments have been so nice and great to read! :)

The tattoos are finally finished - and healed up - so they're picture-ready now!

Drum roll, please!

They're finally out of that pesky itchy, peeling stage and they healed up great!

The colors are a bit brighter in person, and I haven't been able to shave the top halves of my legs for fear of them not being as healed up as they should be, but other than that - they are perfection.

Now I just need to lose another 5 lbs and I can get my next tattoo. :D

As far as work is concerned:

I seriously almost had a heart attack on the way to work Monday morning.

All I was thinking was, "Oh my god, they're not going to hire me and I'm going to be devastated and work is going to be super awkward from now on and I'm going to have talk to my bosses everyday and we'll both know the truth: I wasn't good enough."

Being the irrational worry wart that I am, that didn't happen.

I talked with boss man and he complimented my work and said that he had talked with boss lady and they were both really impressed with all the work I was doing and that they were very happy to have me on the team. He mentioned that boss lady had discussed briefly with him about me working more hours and that they would talk about it more.

I then talked with boss lady and she said that she hadn't really had a chance to talk with boss man in concrete details, but that she would definitely talk about it more with him and that she would let me know. She then proceeded to give me awesome compliments throughout the day about how much she appreciates my work and thinks I'm doing a great job. She also let me go to two more meetings with her.

I was talking with one of the graphic designers that works at the company and he said that boss lady was asking around last week about who they should hire on. He said that she had mentioned another intern and he was immediately like, "No! You should definitely keep [parisienne.love] at the top of your list! She does great work and her writing is awesome!"

Apparently boss lady agreed.

So, things are looking pretty good.

The graphic designer thinks that I'm basically a step away from being hired and that there's no way that it won't happen since boss lady pretty much already offered me the job and has been giving me compliments left and right.

Boss lady is a New Yorker. A Jewish, fashionista, New Yorker.

And she's got a sassy temper.

She is not quick to give compliments and is more likely to blow up at you over a little mistake then give you praise.

She will be the first to tell you that.

So impressing boss lady and getting compliments from her is pretty big news.

Here's hoping that by Wednesday she'll have talked with boss man and there will be a job waiting for me, because, to be perfectly honest, I'm getting more than a little tired of doing housekeeping...

I'll keep you guys posted!

A bientôt, lovelies.

- parisienne.love


  1. Gah as if things could get much better! All these happy posts are whizzing happy vibes into my brain which can only be good :D Literally I am ridiculously envious of not only your skinny thighs (you beaut) but your frigging awesome tattoos. And also...how amazing is that mascara! Muchos love <3

  2. Love the tats. And I'm glad to hear things are going good with work.

  3. Glad everything is good with work- I hope you get the good news soon :)

    *keeps them crossed*


    Fuck, email. You have no idea how much i squealed when I saw my name up :x I was thinking of you yesterday on the way back from Milton, fighting the crosswinds and thinking "Damn, I bet Parisienne never has to worry about makeup looking like shit after having a helmet smudge it up. She'd know how to prevent that shit happening!"

    Ok, email.


  5. Oooh, what pretty eyes and lips you have! Those products look awesome! So does the finished tat! Love it!

    Keeping fingers crossed for you though, I know you got it! You go, girl! :)

  6. I got my package today! I loved your letter and your stationary is ADORABLE!! It shows your personality so well!

    I plan on using the mascara tomorrow morning when I get ready for work and if I love it I'll be using it when I go out on Saturday night. It might be a replacement for my current MAC mascara if it does the same to my eyelashes as it did to yours. It's already winning on the $$ side! lol oh and I will also post on BzzAgent!

  7. Here's to hoping everything goes good for you at work!
    Your tattoos are just lovely; I am super jealous. :)
    How have you been, dear?
    I have missed you. :D
    Stay positive, stay beautiful! <3